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Updates - SMILE Trailer & More

It's been a busy summer. Here are a few big updates!

SMILE Short Film Trailer

We recently wrapped post-production on my short film SMILE. Now it's time to share the trailer! We're going to start working on our festival submissions and hope to have updates on that in the coming months / new year.

New Project - VINTAGE

I recently wrote an original pilot script about a winery heiress losing out her gig as president of their family winery to her unqualified brother. You can read more about it here.

The project has advanced from the quarterfinals to the semifinals at HollyShorts in their screenwriting competition. I'm looking forward to attending the festival in September. Hopefully, I'll have more news to share soon!


Earlier this year, THE IMMIGRANTS received another accolade as a quarterfinalist at the 2021 Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards.

There have been some exciting developments on this project over the past few months that I'm not yet ready to share... stay tuned.

Wrap Up

Looking forward to sharing more news on the aforementioned projects as well as some I haven't yet announced. Thank you for your support and thanks for reading!

P.S. To my friends and colleagues in Los Angeles... see you very soon!


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