Happy New Year. Life, SEEfest Writer's Circle, and Interview Alert

Happy new year.

I thought that by the time I'd be writing this, life would be going back to normal. I thought I'd be going to crammed dinner parties with my husband, where we'd be enduring the unfortunate smell of fruity Malbec breath as close talkers compete with the volume of the music and the chattering of other guests.

Of course, that is not the case and in the future, I will treasure it.

The last few months have been intense for everyone. For me, it's been as a result of a little something known as the dreaded waiting game. I feel exposed typing this and I might even erase this in a moment of weakness, but it's been an incredibly anxiety-inducing period of waiting to hear back from festivals for the release of my short film Smile (trailer here if you haven't yet checked it out). The waiting game and inevitable rejections have a way of making an artist feel invisible. [In case you're uncomfortable reading this, do not fret; I've worked through this emotion and I have concluded that I am, in fact, not invisible.]

So of course, what does an artist do while in this waiting game? Work on something else. My 2021 "word of the year" was unstoppable and no matter what was thrown my way, I was indeed unstoppable (highly recommend using that word as fuel for moments in which you need a get-shit-done energy). I wrote a lot of new material; highlights to follow. I re-wrote one of my features (and am so proud of this latest draft). I'm writing a new feature script that I love, love, love. And I'm working on a new, wild short that I plan to direct in the spring. More info on all of the above coming soon.

Two other updates I'm ready to share.