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Unhinged is in post; Smile screening info

I have goosebumps right now.

Unhinged is in post

We filmed Unhinged this past weekend at my parents' house; I'll be bold and share that they were the two best professional days of my life.

Big thank you to the talented, skilled, dedicated, and brilliant cast and crew, my jack of all trades-master of ALL husband, our supportive family, and to everyone who contributed to the project in any way. Without all of you, this weekend would not have been possible. More updates to come.

More info on the screening of Smile

As previously announced, Smile will be screening at the Boston International Film Festival on April 16th at 3PM. Tickets are now available (click here to buy).

I'm pinching myself now that the venue has been announced...

You'll be seeing our film at the AMC on Tremont Street. Is this real?!?! Am I supposed to play it cool right now? Because I'm not going to!!!

Filled with gratitude forever.

PS. Here's a colour-graded still from Unhinged featuring Salma Dharsee and Nick Biskupek.


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