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Podcast Interview Alert

Recently, my good friend Kaya launched a podcast called Crowdsourced Wisdom! As you may infer from the title, she interviews guests to share their insights with listeners. The primary focus is on insights learned as a result of the pandemic.

In the latest episode, Kaya interviewed me! I generally prefer to hide behind a computer or camera, but I thought it would be cathartic to share some of my takeaways from the last 12+ months.

If you want to hear me talk about how I finally took the leap to pursue a creative career, learned to get comfortable with a lack of control, and coped (or am coping) during this transitional stage in my life, check out the episode here! It's 10 minutes long - short and sweet. Maybe you'll resonate with some of my experiences.

Several episodes are online already. I highly recommend checking them out. Kaya is an excellent interviewer. You'll likely find some brilliant "aha" moments to take away for yourself in the interviews! I certainly did!

Thanks for checking it out. Stay safe out there.


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