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Introducing... Inside Story

I'm launching a newsletter! It's called Inside Story and it's coming to your inboxes starting on July 29th.

On a monthly basis, everyone subscribed to my mailing list will receive a short story, ~exclusive~ updates on projects, and more... If you're looking for fun, absurd, short reads and other cool stuff, subscribe!

I'm excited to take this step to connect with you all and share my work more frequently. As you may have noticed, there's a long lead time from the completion of a short film to distribution... I became a filmmaker to connect with people, so this is my way of creating a space for connection.

To celebrate the newsletter, I'm making digital copies of the gag condolences cards I made for Unhinged available. Click here to learn more.

If you've already subscribed to the mailing list, a download link will be included in the first edition of Inside Story. But you can still click the link above and get them early if you're DYING to send someone a message...

If you aren't subscribed and you've stumbled upon this blog post, here are two ways to subscribe:

  1. Scroll to the footer of this web page and enter your email where it says "Sign up for news and updates from Ivana Strajin."

  2. Click the link above to get both the gag condolences cards and subscribe in one fell swoop... well, one fell swoop after you've clicked the link.

Thank you all!


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