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A still from Smile (a short film written and directed by Ivana Strajin).

Inside Story

Get an absurd, fun, short story sent straight to your inbox once per month!

Inside Story is released on the last Friday of every month on Substack.


All short stories are written ~specially~ for the newsletter by yours truly. I also include project updates, festival news, and written musings, on occasion.


The newsletter was launched in July 2022 as a way to connect with people. I'm primarily a screenwriter-director, but the time in between -- after post-production is complete and before the films can be released out into the world -- feels like a limbo period of waiting to connect with an audience. Who likes feeling stuck? It's one of my worst nightmares, literally. I have a recurring nightmare about being stuck on an elevator; usually comes up once a week, so there's some fun psychoanalysis for you to do.

Now that you're sufficiently horrified, I'll be cheesy for a minute. Inside Story was my solution to fill my soul and hopefully connect with more people in the process. Plus, I never get sick of writing; hopefully, you won't get sick of me either.

P.S. Check your spam folder. A bunch of inboxes seem to think I'm a catfishing fraud desperate for iTunes gift cards!

A still from Unhinged (a short film written & directed by Ivana Strajin).
The stills featured on this page are from Smile (top) and Unhinged (bottom), short films written and directed by Ivana Strajin (yours truly).
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