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HOMEMADE is a food documentary web series that celebrates home cooks, their treasured family recipes, and the accompanying stories.

Homemade is a food documentary web series by Director / Producer Ivana Strajin.

The series was inspired by Ivana Strajin's childhood growing up eating Serbian food at home. As immigrants, food was one of the primary ways in which we stayed connected to our roots and our family back home. Food is how we remember our loved ones. Food is incredibly personal and there are often beautiful stories associated with family recipes. 

The vision for Homemade is to tell stories about real home cooks across a diverse range of cultural backgrounds and learn about their most treasured family recipes.


Each of the seven episodes features a home cook and stories that centre around their recipe. We learn about the origin of their dish, what makes it special, when it's served, and of course, how to make it.

Where to Watch

Talent & Team


EPISODE 1: Dolma by Yasemin Kamci

EPISODE2: Rasam with Okra Fry & Potato Fry by Sanjana Sridhar

EPISODE 3: Chiles en Nogada by Luis Hernandez

EPISODE 4: Ginger-Scallion Lobster by Christopher Ngan

EPISODE 5: Ginger Sugar Cookies by Hanna Anderson & Nancie Anderson

EPISODE 6: Borscht by Elena Mikhaylova

EPISODE 7: Corn Soufflé by Mila Olumogba


Directed, Produced, and Edited by Ivana Strajin

Producer Naomi Szeben

Animator Jane Guan

Composer Marina Ryan

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