BIO | Ivana Strajin

Producer, Director, Screenwriter

My name is Ivana Strajin and I am a filmmaker. From an early age I knew I wanted to tell stories. It’s more than a love of writing; I want to tell stories through people. As a child, I loved to stage performances and direct short films (thinking it was merely the way I liked to play), but as I got older I realized that films are a beautiful way of connecting people and understanding humanity. I have the most clarity about life when I look through the lens of my camera. It’s where I feel happiest, most powerful, and truly myself.

I was born in Belgrade, Serbia. My parents and I immigrated to Toronto, Canada during the Yugoslavian civil war in the early 90s. I was nearly two years old when we left our family, friends, and the life we knew for the hope of a more peaceful future. I spent my childhood watching my parents work tirelessly to give me everything they could so that I would fit in with Canadian kids. Now, as I look back, I realize that this is the reason I take nothing for granted and I find joy in the smallest things. When fitting into a foreign place is your childhood narrative, striving to create pieces of inclusion becomes your calling as an adult.

Film is my way of seeing others, understanding them, and making them feel heard.

My professional background includes a Bachelor of Commerce along with six years in corporate strategy and development. My experiences in the corporate world includes leading strategic planning processes, acquiring and selling businesses, as well as conducting financial and operational analysis to solve business problems. Through these experiences, I have built strong competencies in critical thinking, problem solving, project management, and financial analysis, which I bring with me to all productions.


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